International Federation of Kyokushin

“Is it the Man who lives in the Art or the Art that lives in the Man? It’s difficult to distinguish for me! For me Kyokushin is a way of life. The International Federation of Kyokushin is my contribution towards all the passionate followers of Kyokushin and martial arts” – Hanshi Sapan B Chakraborty

The International Federation of Kyokushin (Karate) was launched on 22nd September 2013, which was also the 31st foundation day for the IKK. The IFK has been launched with an objective to provide quality and affordable Kyokushin training to national and international karatekas. Hanshi Sapan B Chakraborty has dedicated his entire life to the development of Kyokushin and the International Federation of Kyokushin is an addition to his efforts of spreading the Kyokushin Spirit.

Hanshi started his training very early in life at the age of 7. With a zeal to find his passion and discover the style which truly depicts and justifies his thirst to be a true martial artist, He finally started to train under the Master of Kyokushin, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama or Mas Oyama. Shihan also trained under Shihan Bobby Lowe.

Sosai, always spoke of the Budo Spirit, He said “Always remember that the true meaning of Budo is that soft overcomes hard, small overcomes large” and Hanshi Sapan B Chakraborty has given his best to follow the Budo spirit. Hanshi was a part of the IKO until the year 1992 and thereafter, once Hanshi Steve Arneil founded the The International Federation of Karate (IFK), he has been with The International Federation of Karate until 15 Jan 2014.

“Kyokushin has given me everything that I am today. I feel, now it is my time to give back something to Kyokushin. I am only a speck of the entire martial art. I dedicated my entire life for Karate and continue to follow it against all odds. I have seen many great karatekas being forced by situation to leave martial arts due to heavy monetary requirements and hence IKK brings to you, The International Federation of Kyokushin, so that there is no barrier for those karatekas who are truly passionate about martial arts. Our motto is to spread Kyokushin like fire which always rises upwards and be in the Budo spirit.” Hanshi Sapan B Chakraborty.

IFK is a unique organization, which will create only ‘quality karatekas’ by imparting international level Kyokushin training. In all these years, we have seen many great karatekas give-up their passion for karate for the sole reason of high monetary requirements to grow in this field internationally. Hence, the International Federation of Kyokushin promises to impart international level quality karate education, since our main motto is to enhance the spirit of Kyokushin among martial artists. The IFK will follow and award all the training, belts, camps, grading as per international standards removing the biggest barrier of high fee structures, or international travel for all its members.

What more, The IFK is not restricted to only the followers of Kyokushin or only Indian martial artists, however to all other styles, national and international karatekas too. Our main motto is to follow and rise in the Budo spirit. We believe that we are all the followers of Martial Arts and we will do everything to strengthen it, spread it and help everyone deepen their passion for karate through our support.

We promise to impart the Kyokushin training and knowledge in its truest and purest form always!

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